MAC’S-Dog Canned-Beef + carrot

MAC’S is a cat can made according to the dietary characteristics of the original cat. It does not contain foods, essences, pigments and other chemical additives that cause allergic reactions such as grains and bean sprouts. At least 70% of the meat content, rich in taurine, which helps the cat's vision and heart function, as well as various vitamins and trace minerals, can provide all the necessary energy for cats every day.


Beef 70% (including 30% of beef head meat) beef heart, beef stomach, bovine lung, carrot 5%, seaweed, trace mineral 1%, protein 10.5%, fat 7.0%, crude ash 2.2%, crude fiber 0.5%, moisture 76%, VA3000i.E, VD3/200i.E, VE30mg, zinc 15mg, manganese 3mg, iodine 0.75mg, selenium 0.03mg.


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