TUNDRA-Dog food-Salmon + Venison + Duck

The Tundra Zunda family upholds the strictest German pet food production standards that PRO PET Koller has always regarded as the foundation of the industry. The veterinarians, nutritionists, production and purchasing teams carefully select and match the ingredients of the inn's ingredients, and combine the natural plant herbs while ensuring a very high meat content, in order to maximize the reproduction of the ingredients of the food obtained from the original hunting and Vitamins, and avoiding the loss of nutrients during processing by precise control of time and ambient temperature. The company's self-built laboratories ensure that each newly developed product is 100% compliant with the "MADE IN GERMANY" set of regulations for high-quality grain-free pet food.

Tundra Zunda series products use their own R&D advantages and are always exploring and developing on the frontier of pet nutrition physiology, which can provide pets with all kinds of energy sources for daily needs, and can also ensure healthy and reasonable nutrition intake.

Product ingredients:

Fresh salmon 30%, venison 14%, peas, pea protein, broad beans, turkey + turkey fat 9%, duck 5%, flaxseed 2.5%, hydrolyzed liver 2%, beet dried (de-sweetened), yeast, Algae powder 0.3%, oligofructose 0.2%, mannan oligosaccharide 0.2%, yucca 0.03%, apple dry 0.02%, pomegranate dry 0.02%, rose hip 0.002%, glucosamine 80 mg, chondroitin sulfate 40 mg.


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