Liebesgut-Old cat-Ecological Salmon + Organic Zucchini + Ecological Green Bay

Liebesgut Eco-organic cans provide comprehensive daily protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. A good meal package that provides healthy nutrition for your pet. (Ecological organic free-range meat source)

Ecological Salmon + Organic Zucchini + Ecological Green Bay  (Gluten-free gluten-single meat protein-lactose-low fructose-anti-allergy formula)

Food raw materials:

95% boneless ecological salmon meat, 2% organic zucchini, 1% ecological salmon oil, 1% ecological green shell, 0.5% ecological eggshell powder, 0.5% ecological propolis.

Nutritional analysis:

12.9% protein, 10.7% crude fat, 0.4% crude fiber, 2.3% coarse ash, 75.73% moisture, 0.2% taurine. VA1000i.E, VD3/100i.E, VE15mg, copper 1.5mg, iron 22mg, manganese 1.5mg, zinc 25mg, selenium 0.1mg

Packing specification: 100g/200g/400g


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