Lunderland-Organic coconut oil

Lunderland Homemade pet food B.A.R.F.(Biolgisch Artgerechte Roh-Futterung)-Your own matching raw/half/cooked food for pet nutrition physiology. A reasonable daily nutritional intake of pets should consist of meat, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates (such as potatoes, grains), vegetable oils, animal fats, nutrient additions (such as botanical herbs, vitamins, trace elements).

Homemade food mix

Raw material composition:100% organic coconut oil (cold pressure)

Nutritional analysis: lauric acid 47.77%, octanoic acid

Efficacy: Make hair shiny, cure trauma, relieve skin itching and improve oral odor. Prevents and fights bacterial, viral, and yeast infections, kills and excretes parasites, promotes digestion and nutrient absorption, and helps control weight.

Recommended feeding amount: 1g / every 10kg / daily


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